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silence of the lambs; the lego opera

October 19, 2010

wonder what cb will think of this (the only person i know who hates silence of the lambs).  hat tip to yvespaul for posting this first.


do you ever wonder?

October 19, 2010

franz ferdinand.

no you girls.

smell like a monster

October 18, 2010

for the record, no muppet can compare with the sheer aweomness of grover.  especially not that pip-squeek elmo.  elmo can suck it.

and thanks to this, i know the difference between near & far:

this post has been brought to you by the letter “i” for inner-child.

and the letter “p” for piss off elmo.

i am stretched on your grave

October 18, 2010

there are simply not words….

just like you. why that doesn’t work

October 17, 2010

i had forgotten how much i love me some j smooth, until rg posted this:


prague’s astronomica clock – 600th anniversary

October 16, 2010

ok, i’m a big fan of this clock, it’s just simply a beautiful (and technologically amazing) thing – how it was created all those years ago is just something that baffles me.

it recently celebrated it’s 600th birthday with this celebration:

so cool


mad men with a twist

October 16, 2010