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October 11, 2010

there are many things about my job which i love, the travel, the people, the naked female models* – however, it frequently takes me out of town during the twice yearly st paul art crawl, i’ve actually missed the last 4 occurrences of the art crawl.   this fact, i do not love so much.

missed that is until now.  i was actually home for art crawl this year.   happy me.

art crawl happens every spring/fall in downtown st paul in some 25 buildings across the city (mostly in lowertown, my neighborhood).

art crawling, as much as it thrills me, also can be quite exhausting – cb and i (along with our friend scott) managed to only make it to 6 buildings on saturday, but we all picked up some interesting pieces (directly from said artists – which makes it all that much cooler).

first up, 2 pieces from james powell:





this is ludo, inspired by the character from jim henson’s labyrinth.  this is actually not the actual ludo piece, but rather a (hand cut?) card that i purchased at the last minute.  i like his face.



kill robot, kill


(sorry for the blurry shot – you get the idea) i have no idea what this piece is called, but i think it should be titled ‘kill robot, kill’, which, ya know – is what i would want out of a robot if i had one.  one that could clean the apartment, and then, you know, kill on request anyone that pissed me off.

he’s just in a little 4″x4″ cube wreaking havoc.  dig him and the artists style.  cb also got a killer piece, one that i wanted, but ultimately let cb have, once i saw my little robot friend.

next up, dc ice.  cb discovered her last year & while i thought the piece bought was cool, i didn’t know if she would be my taste – all that changed the minute we walked into her space.  i love her monsters.  i actually thought about my friend landry when i saw them – if anyone would have a posse (gang? pack?  murder?) of monsters, it’d be landry.  and these guys are kinda what i picture them to look like.  where the wild things are on acid!

this guy is called ‘thief’ (and yea, he came in that kick ass frame too):





lastly, we have this killer photograph called ‘records’ from the gina doesn’t belong series by rhea pappas:





i love this photo for a bunch of reasons.  1) gina’s got a kick ass face.  2) it’s in a record library 3) the b&w is actually super warm, and 4) the shot is killer.  i spent forever talking with the artist – her style is really quite something.  most of her recent work are these large scale images of women in water – really beautiful, and i would love one, but at the end of the day, this shot just captivated me.  i think i might also be taking some photography lessons from her which would be all sorts of awesome.

all-in-all, a very successful art crawl.  and an inspiring one.  it makes me really want to concentrate on upping my game when it comes to photography (not to mention finally getting off my ass and doing something instead of being a bystander).



*(not! just seeing if you’re paying attention)

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  1. October 12, 2010 9:40 am

    Hey, thanks for the shout out! I didn’t get to see many other artists this year but I’ll definitely be checking out dc ice and Rhea.

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