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if it’s sunday, it must be time for a new blog

October 11, 2010

yea, so – here i am again.  i thought i was done with blogging.  and i suppose i was.  for a while.  you may be wondering who i am (or not.. lol), but i’ve been around the proverbial blog block a couple of times – stagerightstageleft, strange relationship, pluto drive and last call for sin.  fickle?  sure, but i reserve the right to change my mind, and fuck anyone who has a problem with that.

we become panoramic

turns out, i want/need a place that’s not quite as public as facebook and more detailed than twitter.  sure, i still have the photo blog and the adult photo project blog (which i am starting shortly), but i need a place to flush out some thoughts.

i can already hear certain people (ahem, cb) laugh at the idea of my starting a new blog – who knows, it may last a week, or a year.  all i know for sure is that i’ve missed it (on a certain level) and thought i’d try it out again.  so here you’ll find a ton of pop culture stuff, a fair bit about photography – buddha will be here and there, and i’m sure a smattering of all things homo.  if you stick around a bit, i hope you’ll be entertained.  or at least mildly amused.  i know i will be.


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